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Press release n. 6 of the 07/04/2022 15.16.20 ( download )

• SEC - Solar Exhibition and Conference of Italian Exhibition Group inaugurated today at the Expo Centre in Rimini: three days of solutions to cut the energy bills of companies and public administrations

• Vania Gava, Undersecretary of MITE: «SEC is an event of decisive importance. FROM PNRR 6 billion in incentives and 18 for efficiency. Now we have toreduce the time required for authorization procedures ´

• The conferences organized by the scientific board of Key Energy: state of the art and growth prospects of the fastest and cheapest renewable. ForumTech of Italia Solare until Thursday

Rimini, April 6th 2022 - SEC - Solar Exhibition and Conference, Italian Exhibition Group´s ´vertical´ solar and photovoltaic event, was inaugurated today in Rimini until Friday April 8th. Three days of technological showcase among the latest generation panels, components, charging wallboxes for electric vehicles. In addition, the conferences and workshops organized under the supervision of the scientific board of Key Energy directed by Professor Gianni Silvestrini: from energy communities to the agricultural sector combining arable land and energy supply, to e-mobility, as well as green hydrogen and opportunity that the African market represents for Italian companies.

Simultaneously with Forum Tech by ITALIA SOLARE, IEG brings together and expands the community that ranges from energy-intensive companies to small municipalities and with energy suppliers and trade associations, it provides the first market place to now cut the electricity bill and speed up independence from the importing of natural gas.

´The opportune moment has come - said IEG President Lorenzo Cagnoni at the opening of the meeting - to dedicate an event to solar energy in the context of the European policy of decarbonisation and to cut the cost of energy. Solar is the most scalable source today. From utilities to mobility, the share of solar energy can increase faster than others. To this event, the task of seizing this moment and updating our offer for the market with our skills and resources ».

«SEC is an event of decisive importance - began the Undersecretary of MITE Vanna Gavia in video link - because today it is central to create a mix of energy sources. We have challenging objectives: to install 8 gigawatts per year, therefore 70 in total by 2030. In the PNRR there are 6 billions in incentives for renewable sources and another 18 for energy efficiency, the tenders are starting. In the ´Decreto Semplificazioni´ there are authorization procedures that give certain times to those who want to invest and everyone must accompany this transition and create environmental culture: I appeal to local authorities to overcome the NIMBY syndrome and confront the committees ´.

«La città di Rimini . ha dichiarato l´assessore comunale alla Transizione ecologica e Ambiente Anna Montini . ha investito tantissimo nell´efficientamento degli edifici pubblici. Cinque edifici comunali hanno raggiunto la classificazione ´Green Building Council´, la fiera stessa ha sul suo tetto un impianto da 4,3 megawatt: Rimini dispone di 41 officine elettriche per complessivi 80 megawatt. La città sta per costituire le prime comunità energetiche, partiamo dal palazzetto dello sport su cui aggregare utenze private da zone limitrofe».

´The city of Rimini - said the city councilor for Ecological Transition and Environment Anna Montini - has invested heavily in the efficiency of public buildings. Five municipal buildings have achieved the ´Green Building Council´ classification, the exhibition center itself has a 4.3 megawatt plant on its roof: Rimini has 41 electrical workshops for a total of 80 megawatts. The city is about to establish the first energy communities, let´s start from the sports hall on which to aggregate private users from neighboring areas ´.

«There are all the requisites - said Paolo Rocco Viscontini, president of ITALIA SOLARE - for SEC to become a reference event for solar energy in Italy. Companies need to exhibit and find a technical moment of comparison. We are pleased to set out along this path together with ForumTech. A thousand gigawatts is a very auspicious number, but we are only at the beginning. In the public debate we hear repeated that renewables are slow, but it is not said that every 6 gigawatts a billion cubic meters of gas are saved. The issue is not where to get gas today, but how many cubic meters we can save thanks to renewables ».


Presentation of the new book by Gianni Silvestrini ´What renewable energy is today´ (Edizioni Ambiente). A documented and very topical analysis of the opportunities to reduce dependence on fossil fuels thanks to increasingly economical and efficient solar and wind technologies, decisive in the fight against climate change. Gianni Silvestrini, Francesco Ferrante, Annalisa Corrado, Paolo Rocco Viscontini will be present.
(Networking Area . 2.00pm)

Permitting and PPA - Where we are and how to accelerate. Elettricità Futura and sector operators compared on authorization procedures and long-term contracts for the sale of energy, with a focus on photovoltaics, in light of the important growth objectives expected between now and the next few years. (Ravezzi Room 1 . 2.15pm)

Photovoltaics and agriculture: proposals and opportunities for a virtuous relationship. Photovoltaics and agriculture: feeding humanity and fighting climate change: a combination that in the past sparked a heated debate, still present today within the agricultural world but also in that of renewable sources, environmentalism and institutions. Where today it is necessary to try to overcome conflicts by grasping the specificities of interests in the light of more general needs. Organized by Coordinamento Free and Confagricoltura.
(Agorà . 2.30pm)

The Energy Communities of companies: a fundamental driving force for the economy of solar cities. The Center for Solar Communities Association (Bologna) and Solar Info Community (Milan) show how industrial areas can be transformed into renewable energy production plants for the territory, in a series of case studies since 2010 and how responsibility social enterprise can integrate energy communities between companies.
(Diotallevi Room . 2.45pm)

Presentation of the Book: ´Me and the #GreenHeroes. Why I decided to think green´. Alessandro Gassmann in 2019, together with Annalisa Corrado and with the scientific support of the Kyoto Club, launched the #GreenHeroes initiative, in which he tells Italians the stories of the most innovative and courageous ´green´ entrepreneurs. Sara Capuzzo, president of the èNostra coop and Michelangelo Giansiracusa, mayor of the Municipality of Ferla will be present. (Networking Area . 3.15pm)

Small Municipalities and Energy Communities. Kyoto Club has launched an ad hoc campaign for small municipalities together with Legambiente and Azzero CO2 (BeComE) which also involves the network of excellence of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The objective is to give concrete legs to the energy transition after the transposition of the RED2 European Directive which foresees the energy communities and the funds that the PNRR (2.2 billion) allocates to the creation of energy communities in small municipalities. Curated by Kyoto Club and Legambiente.
(Diotallevi Room - 4.15 pm)

Solar for companies: lower costs and sustainability. Reduce your energy bill, become sustainable and, now, geostrategically emancipate yourself from fossil fuels. The workshop is aimed at companies and organizations interested in understanding why and how to invest in photovoltaics, with all the options to adopt this solution: direct investments, management by ESCO, agreements with producers (power purchase agreements, or PPAs), energy communities, crowd financing. Curated by Fire.
(Ravezzi Room 1 . 4.15pm)

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