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Press release n. 7 of the 15/06/2021 16.35.24 ( download )

The WWEA (World Wind Energy Association) has chosen Rimini´s Conference Centre to host the annual WWEC conference to be held from 28th to 30th June 2022.
The decision was inspired by the long-standing collaboration between ANEV and Key Energy,
the international trade show of reference for renewable energies and sustainable mobility

Rimini, 15th June 2021 . Wind energy chooses Rimini. The Emilian city´s Palacongressi Conference Centre will, in fact, be hosting the WWEC (World Wind Energy Conference) scheduled to take place from 28th to 30th June 2022. The event organized by the WWEA (World Wind Energy Association) will be for the first time in Italy, confirming our country´s central role within the sector, thanks also to the valuable work of ANEV (Associazione Nazionale Energia del Vento . Italian Wind Energy Association) and the leadership of Key Energy, which, together with Ecomondo, is increasingly becoming the international reference hub for renewable energies and sustainable mobility. Moreover, ANEV and Key Energy have recently extended their long-standing and successful collaboration until 2023.

«The National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC) foresees that Italy´s wind energy capacity, which now stands, in addition to off-shore, at about 10 GW, will double by 2030,» says ANEV President, Simone Togni. «The wind sector will therefore make a significant contribution to the fight against climate change by building new onshore wind energy plants and updating existing plants. Moreover, off-shore wind energy systems will be greatly boosted. Research and development have played a central role in this respect so, for ANEV to co-host the WWEC 2022 in Italy is a source of pride and, above all, a positive sign for this national segment and for the role it plays on an international level. Now more than ever, the huge possibilities that the wind energy sector offers must be seized. A proper development of renewable energies not only makes our country, Europe and the world all less dependent on fossil fuels, it creates employment, reduces the impact that the energy cycle has on the environment, creates new industrial opportunities and, therefore, contributes to economic growth.»

´Italy as one of the big European countries and with its Mediterranean neighbourhood is a perfect location for our 20th World Wind Energy Conference. After 18 successful events all over the world, the pandemic forced us to go for an virtual format and we are very pleased that we can re-start our successful series of physical World Wind Energy Conferences in Italy´ says the Hon. Peter Rae AO, President of the World Wind Energy Association.
WWEA Secretary General Stefan Gsänger underlines: ´The WWEC2022 in Rimini will contribute to strengthening the momentum for a 100% renewable energy supply in Italy, the European Union, the Mediterranean region and the world and thus help the international community to reach the Paris climate targets.´

«The WWEA´s decision to organise the 2022 edition of the WWEC in Rimini is extremely satisfying,» says Italian Exhibition Group´s President, Lorenzo Cagnoni, «and confirms our role as a prime international player both in the field of green economy, where we are a reference hub for sustainable mobility and renewable energies, and from the conference aspect. Key Energy is, together with Ecomondo, an unmissable event for sector operators since it also boasts the attendance of leaders in wind turbine production.»

WWEA is an international association with members in more than 100 countries that represents the wind energy sector worldwide. Top national and regional wind energy associations, including the Italian ANEV, belong to it. The organization works to globally promote, research and disseminate wind energy technology and to support a future energy system based on renewable energy.
WWEC is the world´s principal event organized by WWEA which gathers together top international experts, not only in wind energy but also in other renewable energies.
ANEV is an environmental protection association with more than 90 member companies from the wind energy sector and over 5,000 individuals among producers, electrical energy and technology operators, installers, designers, engineering and environmental firms, electricity traders and developers, who work in respect of the Association´s standards and regulations.
KEY ENERGY is IEG´s renewable energy, smart city and sustainable mobility trade show whose 14th edition is scheduled to take place, in physical presence, from 26th to 29th October 2021 alongside Ecomondo.

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