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Third Green Digital Week under the Italian Exhibition Group banner, focuses on the opportunities of electric mobility and industrial, infrastructural, market and urban changes that the new automotive world is bringing. Gianni Silvestrini, the expo´s Scientific Committee chairman: ´Decarbonising the country in 30 years, a colossal challenge´

Rimini, 24th May 2021 . The energy transition speeds up with electric mobility. Key Energy, the Italian Exhibition Group expo dedicated to renewable energies, energy efficiency and sustainable cities, boosts the section dedicated to e-mobility bringing together industrial chains, the service market, the response of public administrations and study cases of investments throughout the country.

The third Digital Green Week, on the digital platform from May 18th to 20th, highlighted an expanding scenario, which grasps the favourable moment of the recent investment in the Emilia region´s ´Motor Valley´ by the Sino-American joint-venture Silk FAW, which will realize a production and research plant for two electric super cars in Italy. And that´s not all: the growth if the share of hybrid and full-electric vehicles in company car fleets, the acceleration of the infrastructural network of charging columns, the macro-economic setting of the PNRR (Italy´s Recovery and Resilience Plan) which has in ecologic transition one of the basic missions for making use of the 209 billion euros allocated to Italy by the EU Next Generation plan, but which does not seem to dedicate a great deal of attention to the automotive sector. Enterprises and associations on the other hand, report that there is a growth factor. Therefore an entire section of the 14th edition of Key Energy is dedicated to electric mobility, from 26th to 29th October at the Rimini expo centre, held simultaneously with Ecomondo.

The local area and technology. Along the ´Motor Valley´, the manufacturing geography between Bologna and Parma is completed with the arrival on the scene of Reggio Emilia, with the industrial investment of 1.5 billion euros by the joint-venture Faw Silk. From 2023 production will begin on the Hongqi S9 and S7 electric super cars, which will have global markets and a research centre rooted in Emilia. This is the starting point of the digital round table promoted by Mauro Tedeschini´s and Massimo Degli Esposti´s Vaielettrico. ´For premium vehicles, here there is a chain and expertise that are unrivalled worldwide´, sums up the Emilia Romagna regional councillor for Economic Development and Green Economy, Vincenzo Colla. So, a real ´jolt´ for the transition to zero-emission mobility, which is technological experimentation that starts from the top sector. In fact, Modena hosts the HQ of Automobili Estrema, which from 2023 will put on the market the ´Fulminea´, 500 HP per wheel, based on Formula E technology and a hybrid power pack with solid state cells and ultra capacitors, conceived by Gianfranco Pizzuto, pioneer of electric ´technological craftsmanship´ on four wheels. ´We have a history and experience of continuous adaptation. It is up to the local Industrial Associations to field all possible actions in order for this conversion to electric power to favour the companies working in our region´, hopes Fabio Storchi, president of Reggio Emilia industrialists, who have invested in the new mission of REI Lab precisely in electric power. How this transition fits into the PNRR remains the doubt of Motus-E, expressed by general secretary Dino Marcozzi.

Ecosystem of services. From the workshop to company car fleets, the third Digital Green Week of Key Energy spotlighted the state of the art of the most promising market sector for electric and hybrid cars in Italy: company car fleets. The milestone is the survey by Fleet Magazine ´La carica dei 102´, held on a sample of 102 fleet managers and approximately 120,000 vehicles, which shows an expansion of 250% in hybrid vehicles (mild, full and plug-in) in the coming 12 months for over 4,400 vehicles. The combined effect of companies´ participation in supporting environmental sustainability, tax facilitations and the constantly expanding network of recharging points is the driver of this awaited growth, above all in the crossover from pool sharing to fringe benefits, as was stressed by Paolo Matteucci, Electric Vehicle Business Unit Director with Nissan Italia, Giuseppe di Mauro, Fleet Sales Director of Stellantis and Francesco Naso, head of the Technology, Market and Environment area of Motus-E. ´In the first four months of this year, there was an explosion of e-mobility. A comparison with 2019 shows a leap from 4,000 to 41,000 vehicles with BEV or PHEV plugs.
But however we are below the share of 7% of the total market´, as was reminded by Unrae general manager Andrea Cardinali. There is also a radical change in fleet management, with software houses supporting mobility managers for reports of management costs and planning the choice of models. Lastly, an expansion is also awaited from used company cars for the private market over the next four years, which will lead to overcoming the obstacle of the current average list price. Lastly, the integration between charging on company premises and wall-boxes at home will be fundamental, as will the availability in the new fleets of endothermic vehicles for long trips over limited periods for employees, as is seen from the case histories of Italy´s postal service and Enel electricity provider.

Cities and water. Electric mobility is transforming cities: homes are becoming charging points like company premises, ´power to grid´ is changing the processes of supply and distribution of electricity as well as energy communities; infrastructures are becoming equally widespread in urban contexts and in marinas, and even in the fragile environment of the canals of Venice. The result is that the quality of life is improving, along with the environment. ´To change a model that is already unsustainable in urban areas, electric mobility is the most correct choice. A very strong prejudice still remains, so work must be done for a change of paradigm´, recommends Tullio Berlenghi, councillor for sustainable mobility at the MITE (Italy´s ministry for ecological transition). ´In the PNRR there is talk of 13,000 charging points, 570 km. of cycle tracks in over six years, 330,000 sustainable buses. We have an incredible variety of opportunities. For Municipalities, the interesting news is that the Ministry will provide skills to work in this direction, to use these resources in a more careful manner´, states Gianni Silvestrini, chairman of the Scientific Committee of Key Energy, the platform on which industry and Public Administration find a meeting point. And in fact ´The Association of Italian Municipalities will work in the coming months to spread information on the opportunities that Ecomondo and Key Energy represent for administrations´, ensures Giuseppe Rinaldi, managing director of Ancitel Energia e Ambiente. This is also the case with mobility on water, starting with the sharing service offered by companies such as Michele Solari´s Barchelettriche, or the electrified posts where boats can moor and recharge from Claudio Iannelli´s company E-Concept from Venice. Lastly, the topic of the renewal of motors is also to the fore on water, where it must be noted that in the boat sector retrofits involve the largest chain in boatyards, but with a life cycle for boats that is longer than that of cars, also on the second-hand market, and therefore there is a need for encouraging national policies, as was emphasized by the president of Assonautica Roma, Antonio Bufalari.

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