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The Italian Exhibition Group event strengthens the collaboration with ANEV and Italia Solare. For the wind power supply chain, Key Energy is an amplifier of the request for simplification of the sector addressed to the institutions. For photovoltaics, a new event in April 2022 at the Rimini Exhibition Center. Gianni Silvestrini, President of the Key Energy Technical Scientific Committee: ´Important moments of discussion and solicitation for the goal of 72% green electricity in Italy´

Rimini, May 11th 2021 . Italian Exhibition Group joins forces with the wind and the sun. Key Energy, the IEG exhibition dedicated to renewable energy, smart cities and sustainable mobility, which will be held in Rimini, in attendance, from October 26th to 29th, simultaneously with Ecomondo, has signed two key agreements for the renewable sector and their centrality in the ecological transition of the country: in fact, the collaboration with ANEV, the National Wind Energy Association, is renewed until 2023, while with Italia Solare it will create in the pavilions of the Rimini expo centre, in April 2022, an edition of Forum Tech combined with an exhibition event that will be a reference for solar photovoltaic operators.

´These are two strategic agreements - underlines the CEO of IEG, Corrado Peraboni - which reconfirm the leadership of our event and which will focus on Rimini the best opportunities for comparison for the market and for relaunching the business of the companies´.

In detail, the collaboration with ANEV aims to strengthen the wind energy segment within Key Energy, to make it a point of reference for the entire Mediterranean basin through technical and application events for a sector that today in Italy it counts 11 GW of installed power and which in 2020 saw a 75% decrease in installed capacity compared to the previous year, with only 85 MW. As indicated by the report of the Energy Strategy Group of the Politecnico di Milano prepared for Key Energy last autumn, even with a growth rate equal to that of 2019, the wind power installed between now and 2030 would not reach the target of 19, 3 GW which fall within the objectives set by the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC).

«The Italian wind sector - declares the President of ANEV Simone Togni - today needs a decisive push in the direction of simplification. The Planet asks us. We do not need incentives, but to remove the bureaucratic obstacles that lead to more than five years of waiting for permits for a plant. We are happy to have renewed the collaboration with Key Energy, which is an important opportunity to amplify this message addressed to public decision makers, due to the institutional depth that the event has acquired over the years. Wind power can generate 67,000 new jobs between now and 2030. However, neither the current deadline for auctions in 2021, nor the regulatory framework that regulates the connection to the electricity grid, are consistent with the wind power growth objectives. Today, in fact, operators are asked to authorize on behalf of Terna, to which parts of the grid are then transferred free of charge with a great increase in time and costs ´.

Solar photovoltaics also suffered a setback in Italy in 2020. To date, the installed power is 21GW. In 2020, 620 MW were installed, that is -15% on 2019. The PNIEC objectives set the installed power from photovoltaics at 52 GW in 2030, with a large margin for growth for one of the central drivers of decarbonisation, which aims to reduce 55% greenhouse gas emissions in 2030.

«The technology is ready - says the President of Italia Solare, Paolo Rocco Viscontini - and it is more reliable and convenient than in the past. The operators are ready. IEG is ready to lend a hand to the market with this event to be held at the Rimini fair in April of next year and therefore, I would like to emphasize, in spring, a symbolic period for solar energy. In that part of the year, there was no event dedicated exclusively to photovoltaic operators that would cross demand and supply of products and technology. A winning combination, which is also a message to political decision makers, who we hope will quickly create the regulatory environment to achieve the objectives set by the PNIEC ´.

´The definition in progress of the new European targets for renewables by 2030 - says Gianni Silvestrini, President of the technical-scientific committee of Key Energy -, which should lead to a share of electricity demand satisfied by green energy well above two thirds, requires a very strong acceleration also, and above all, in our country. Moreover, the percentage of 72% of green electricity referred to by Minister Cingolani represents a challenge that can only be faced with the authorization simplifications that the Government is working on. In this context of sudden dynamism after years of stagnation, the initiatives at the end of October at KeyEnergy and the Solar Tech Forum, which will also be held in Rimini in April 2022, represent important and fruitful moments of discussion and solicitation ».

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