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Press release n. 8 of the 05/11/2019 9.50.00

Sharing mobility, electric cars, smart parking and many other new features in the Mobility

.Rimini, 3rd November 2019 - The key to the interpretation of mobility, in a world that is continually changing and transforming, must be sustainability. And Key Energy, the international event that is a reference point in the Mediterranean area for the entire energy supply chain, organized by Italian Exhibition Group at Rimini Expo Centre from 5th to 8th November 2019, simultaneously with Ecomondo and DPE, is heading precisely in that direction.
A direction that leads to the ´Mobility Innovation´ area of ´Sustainable City 2019´, a special space and a workshop of ideas for planning the future of cities from a sustainable viewpoint, completed by ´Urban Innovation´ and the ´Digital Transformation´ section. The expo showcase of the event will be enriched by numerous excellent product and services. For example, on the mobility front, there are also two truly key players in the automobile sector: Volkswagen and BMW Italia.

Luca Bedin, Brand Manager with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, explains, ´This year Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles decided to take part in Key Energy with the Elli wallbox charging station. Elli, which stands for Ôelectric life´, is the new company pounded by the Volkswagen Group with the aim of playing the role of leader among the providers of sustainable mobility, offering clean energy from renewable resources, 100% neutral in terms of CO2.
The e-Crafter 136 CV (100 kW), with a load volume of 10.7 m3, a payload of up to almost 1 ton and a range of 115 km, along with the ´Elli´ wallbox, represents a combined offer for deliveries in a metropolitan context, ensuring an innovative, practical and sustainable experience.´

The sustainable approach is also a BMW strongpoint, as Andrea Gucciardi, Sales Director BMW Italia, confirms. ´In the BMW Group there is great conviction that sustainability is able to make a positive contribution to the company´s long-term economic results. We are convinced that the success of every enterprise is always based on acting responsibly. Efficient manufacturing processes that respect resources and avant-garde solutions for sustainable individual mobility offer a clear competitive advantage. For several years we have been intensifying our dialogue with stakeholders in the world´s city centres, where we have analyzed the effects of the increase in traffic and the solutions that can be provided by the BMW Group. In this way we intend improving the quality of city life.´


Products and innovative proposals will be combined with the countless appointments already organized in the context of Key Energy, with a ´Key Mobility´ slant. In fact, to understand how we shall travel in the future, it is necessary to combine a sense of ethics and knowledge and stay updated on the latest news. Things get under way at 2 pm on 5th November, in the ´Agora Energy 1´ section, with the conference ´Renewables, efficiency, mobility in the light of the Italian Climate Energy Plan´ organized by Energy Strategy Group, Milan Polytechnic and Key Energy Scientific Committee.
On the second day of the expo, the topic is very much in vogue, and subject to continual consideration: electric cars. On this matter, from 11 am to 1 pm, Mimosa Room 2 will host a meeting entitled ´Recharging the car at home: a dream or a nightmare?´, organized by More recharging columns, greater mobility but, above all, normative and rate obstacles to overcome in Italy.
In the afternoon, from 2:00 to 6:00 in Camelia Room, there will be the conference ´Freight logistics: smart logistics projects in Italy´ with the participation of CNR-IIA (CNR-IIA Comitato Centrale per l´Albo Nazionale degli autotrasportatori) and Kyoto Club. Simultaneously, in the Agora Energy 1 Room, there will be a meeting, realized in collaboration with the National Sharing Mobility Observatory, entitled ´THE GREEN NEW DEAL FOR MOBILITY: less, electric, green, shared - travelling light´.


The energy questions linked with mobility, the climate and the scenarios of electric cars will climax on 7th November at the conference by ASSTRA . Associazione trasporti which, from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm in Mimosa Room 1, will organize the National forum for innovation in collective transport: energy innovation and the economic prospects related to ´clean´ traction sources. In the Agora Energy 1 Room, in the afternoon, Motus-E will cover the issue of electric mobility with a new business slant at the conference ´Electric mobility as an engine of recovery for Italian industry: a comparison´.
On the last day 8th November, two appointments will range from cycle tracks to the sharing economy.
In the morning, in Tulipano Room (Hall B6), Editoriale Il Verde will organize ´The cycle path between planning and sustainability´, reasoning on the importance of urban spaces and open areas. Lastly, in the Girasole Room of the Hall, the appointment ´The new frontier of integrated electric micromobility. Sharing - Fast and Wireless Charging . IOT´ organized by EMOBY.