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Press release n. 7 of the 05/11/2019 9.46.47

The Energy&Strategy Group of Milan Polytechnic will present its studio at the opening conference of the international expo of renewable energy organized by Italian Exhibition Group at Rimini Expo Centre from 5th to 8th November 2019

.Rimini, 3rd November 2019 . With the issue of the FER1 decree in August, which aims at supporting energy produced from renewable sources, the first step towards achieving the European targets for 2030 was taken. The objectives were established by the Italian Government in its National Integrated Plan for Energy and Climate (PNIEC), the programmatic document on decarbonization matters that will be at the centre of debates at Key Energy, the international expo on renewable energy organized by Italian Exhibition Group at Rimini Expo Centre from November 5th to 8th.

In particular, on the occasion of the opening day, Professor Vittorio Chiesa, director of the Energy&Strategy Group of Milan Polytechnic, will present a scenario analysis that will contain future forecasts of the development of renewable energy, as well as of the process of requalification of real estate assets and the electric and sustainable mobility trend: decisive issues for facing decarbonization within 2030 in an appropriate manner.

The analysis will outline a series of prospects in terms of market strategies, evolution of business models, drivers and obstacles of/to the development of renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable mobility in Italy and their possible integration in a common business model. Among those invited to the meeting: Federico Testa, President of ENEA, Roberto Moneta, MD of the GSE and Luigi Ferraris, MD of Terna. The proceedings will be chaired by Gianni Silvestrini, president of the Key Energy Scientific Committee.

During the meeting, there will be discussions on the effects of the new decree on Renewable Energy, in particular are far as utility scale plants are concerned, the used of abandoned areas and the potential offered by revamping; as far as energy efficiency is concerned, there will be a report on Energy Efficiency Credits and the Conto Termico incentive scheme, as well as Industry 4.0 measures and technology regarding smart manufacturing; lastly, an insight on the situation of the evolution of electric mobility, from the point of view of both recharging facilities, vehicles and the relative regulations, including incentives, enforcement of the Smart Roads Decree and development of V2X technology, which enables vehicles to communicate with networks, infrastructures and various devices.

The expo for all renewable energy and the green economy - As every year, the entire renewable energy industry is well represented at Key Energy. Rimini will again host Key Wind, the only expo for wind energy in the Mediterranean Basin, Balkans and Middle East, organized in collaboration with ANEV; Key Solar and Key Storage, with all the technology and solutions for solar power and energy storage; Key Efficiency, dedicated to energy efficiency, cogeneration and the E.S.Co world; Sustainable City, the area that brings together urban regeneration, sustainable mobility and digital technology. This year´s new entry is DPE- Distributed Power Europe, the international event dedicated to ´power generation´.
For the 2019 edition, Key Energy is again being held alongside Ecomondo, the platform for technological innovation of the circular economy, now at its 23rd edition, which will once again make Rimini the capital of the industry and the knowledge of the entire green world, and the States General of the Green Economy, the annual appointment with the Italian green economy, in collaboration with the Ministry for the Environment, which has become the reference point for thousands of enterprises, with more than 7,500 stakeholders involved between 2012 and 2018.

The online conference program . The Key Energy conference program is online, and is increasingly ample and varied, with topics that range from the economic-financial scenarios to more technical ones and regulations for the sector´s trade and industry members. Wind, solar, storage, solutions for cities, but also a lot of energy efficiency are among the topics talked about in depth in Rimini.
On this issue, ENEA has organized a series of meetings dedicated to the various sectors ´Energy efficiency in buildings: a change of pace is necessary´ (6th November, 9:30 am . Mimosa Room); Energy efficiency in the industrial sector: technological and system opportunities (7th November, 9:30 am . Mimosa Room 2); Energy efficiency in the service sector: technological and system opportunities (8th November, 9:30 am - Mimosa Room 2). The state of the art of the requests for energy efficiency certificates will be examined at the conference ´White certificates: results and opportunities´ (6th November, 2:00 pm . Gardenia Room East Foyer), the traditional appointment organized by FIRE, in collaboration with Key Energy, will present the results achieved and the news. The best case histories, with the most modern technology for intelligent management of the electricity grid will be at the heart of the meeting ´Digital energy with case histories on smart grids, renewable energy, storage systems, electric recharging, smart buildings´ (6th November, 2:00 pm . Girasole Room) organized by ANIE. The appointment with ´Finance for energy efficiency in industry and public administration´ will be focussed more on economic topics (7th November, 9:30 am . Gardenia Room East Foyer) organized by Federesco.

Confirmed companies - Numerous confirmations and participations in Rimini´s green energy expo: solar power and energy storage companies include ABB, Coenergia/Trienergia, EasyLi batteries, Fronius, Growatt, Goodwe, Higeco, Kiwa, Ingeteam, Pv-Cycle, Solaredge, Teon, Up Solar, Zucchetti Centro Sistemi; those in the wind power sector on the other hand include Enercon Gmbh, Erg, E2i Energie Speciali, Ewt Italia, Idnamic, I.V.P.C., Leitner . Leitwind, Vestas; for mobility, Mennekes Italia, Viasat and Scame Parre are among those to be remembered.