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Press release n. 4 of the 29/07/2019 12.00.28 ( download )

.Italian Exhibition Group´s special initiative is back on the occasion of Ecomondo and Key Energy. Conferences, spaces for networking and business opportunities at Rimini expo centre from 5th to 8th November 2019 to outline the character of the cities of tomorrow

Rimini, 25th July 2019 . Ideas, projects and new aims for sustainable places take concrete form at Rimini expo centre. In fact, ´Città sostenibile´ (The Sustainable City) is the name of the special project, organized by Italian Exhibition Group during Key Energy and Ecomondo, aimed at reporting on the evolution of cities by means of three main tropics: urban regeneration, digital transformation and mobility.

In fact, from 5th to 8th November 2019, in the halls at the east entrance to the expo centre, expo areas will be set up with networking areas, workshops and ad hoc conferences focussing on energy efficiency and innovation, circular economy, new services for the population and, more in general, on all the most important topics for cities of the future that want to be liveable and efficient: in a word, sustainable.

As was the case in 2018, in the areas dedicated to ´Città sostenibile´ it will be possible to participate in fine-tuned meetings with representatives of Municipalities and the public administration, architects specialized in indoor and outdoor work, town planners, technical studios and large industries.
The objective is to bring together supply and demand to conceive, plan and also realize new connections between town centres and suburbs, recover derelict areas, innovative digital solutions, sustainable mobility and public transport and lay new foundations for circular smart cities.

Numerous meetings will be held on this occasion at Rimini expo centre. In line with the initiative´s premises, on 6th November these will include the conference ´Energy efficiency in buildings: a change of pace is necessary´ organized by ENEA, while the issue of public lighting, as well as being represented in an expo area, will be covered by the appointment ´Sustainable illumination´s role between environmental criteria and circular economy´, organized by Assil and AIDI.

For 7th November, on the other hand, the ASSTRA Association has organized the ´National forum of innovation in collective transport: energy innovation and economic prospects connected with ´clean´ sources of motive power.
On the same day, the Key Energy Technical Scientific Committee offers an appointment for the event ´How can public services´ implementation and management be improved?´, whereas GBC Italia will hold the conference ´Making existing buildings efficient: technology and finance´.

Also on 7th November B7 Motus-E will concentrate on sustainable mobility with the meeting entitled: ´Electric mobility as a driving force for the revival of Italian industry: comparisons´.

Lastly, for the second edition, in collaboration with Energia Media and Utilitalia, the Smart Utility Hub is returning, to report on the experiences of Italian Utilities and their technological partners, sharing development strategies, best practices and prospects, with a view to supporting the evolution and development the areas in question.

Head of media relations & corporate communication: Elisabetta Vitali; Press Office Manager: Marco Forcellini; International Press Office Coordinator: Silvia Giorgi; Communication specialists: Nicoletta Evangelisti Mancini, Alessandro Caprio, Tommaso Accomanno.