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.In Rome on June 11th, meetings and events dedicated to wind energy, which will be further discussed at the exhibition organized by Italian Exhibition Group, a reference for the sector with the Key Wind area, scheduled at the Rimini Expo Center from November 5th to 8th.
With an awaited international conference, the result of an agreement with the Wind Europe Association

Rimini, June 7th 2019 . June 11th is Global Wind Day, an event organized in Italy by ANEV under the patronage of the Ministry of the Environment and promoted by KEY ENERGY. The numerous initiatives put in place want to make an ever wider public aware of the numerous environmental and economic benefits of using wind energy.

The appointment is important for the wind power industry which will then converge, as usual, in Key Wind, the reference show for the sector in the Mediterranean, the Balkans and the Middle East, organized at the Rimini Expo Center from November 5th to 8th as part of KEY ENERGY, the international exhibition of renewable energy of Italian Exhibition Group.

Accompanying the wind farm in November will be Key Solar and Key Storage, with all the technologies and solutions for solar and energy storage, Key Efficiency, dedicated to energy efficiency, Sustainable City, which combines urban regeneration, mobility sustainable and digital. As usual, Key Energy expo coincides with the twenty-third edition of Ecomondo, the platform for technological innovation in the circular economy.

´The development of wind power in the world - notes Simone Togni, president of ANEV - continues to follow incredible growth rates and the wind industry improves year by year thanks also to innovation, which allows for more efficient machines. Many countries have structured mechanisms to support and support this technology towards grid parity, and this policy is paying back the expectation, with electricity being awarded at very affordable prices, often much lower than average stock prices. In this process, Italy has instead remained back in 2016: for three years it has been waiting for the necessary tools to support the sector and extract its added value. It is really frustrating to see that, despite the country benefit that the orderly development of Italian wind would guarantee, it is not possible to devise a multi-year plan to support renewables. ANEV hopes that these instruments can soon be obtained and that the national wind industry can resume growth, providing its important contribution towards achieving the expected decarbonisation objectives ´.

The ANEV conference - On the occasion of the wind day, ANEV will organize the conference ´The role of the Regions in the Energy and Climate Plan to 2030. Collaboration between State and Regions to streamline the authorization procedures for the construction of wind farms´, an important moment of comparison between companies and institutions, to be held on June 11th at 2.45 pm at Palazzo Merulana, Via Merulana 121 in Rome. Introduced by Simone Togni, president of ANEV and moderated by GB Zorzi, president of the FREE Coordination. Scheduled the interventions by Luciano Barra, Ministry of Economic Development, Alessandro Carettoni, Ministry of the Environment; Salvatore D´Urso, Energy Department of Region Sicily; Stefano Ciafani, President of Legambiente; Daniele Novelli, Director of GSE Sustainable Development Department; Livio Desantoli, Deputy Rector for Energy Policy Estate; Massimo Beccarello, Confindustria; Francesco Ferrante, vice president of the Kyoto Club; Gianni Girotto, Senate of the Republic.

Meetings and in-depth discussions at Key Wind, agreement with Wind Europe Association - The topics dealt with at the wind day will then be further debated in November, at the Rimini Expo Center, during Key Wind, which will confirm itself as a privileged place of confrontation between operators. Among other things, this year the show will further expand the international scenarios thanks to an agreement signed with the Wind Europe Association, for the organization of an important conference. Numerous in-depth meetings and seminars are scheduled during the exhibition: on November 6th, for example, ANEV will organize an appointment on Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) in the Italian wind sector. The meeting will frame this type of instrument within the Italian wind sector, with the involvement of the main actors, including institutional representatives, operators, banks and traders. On November 7th, the international appointment titled ´Wind power in Africa and the Mediterranean area: possible market diffusion´ is scheduled - organized by ANEV, Wind Europe Association and the Key Energy Scientific Committee. On the same day another very important event is scheduled for investors: ´The internationalization of the Italian renewable sector in order to favor investments in Africa´, organized by RES4MED and RES4Africa, during which investment prospects and opportunities in Africa for private companies operating in the renewable energy sector will be outlined.
The exhibition area - Like every year, the presence of the wind and components industry is very rich. The exhibiting companies at Key Wind include Enercon Gmbh, Erg, E2i Energie Speciali, Ewt Italia, Idnamic, I.V.P.C., Leitner - Leitwind, Vestas.

Category: International exhibition; Organizer: Italian Exhibition Group SpA; Frequency: annual; Edition: 13th; Admission: trade/industry members and general public; dates and hours: 5 - 8 November 2019, 9 am - 6 pm; group brand manager: Alessandra Astolfi; Key Energy brand manager: Sara Quotti Tubi; Web site: