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.Silvestrini: an enormous development for renewables is expected

The whole world of renewables is called to make a gigantic effort to fulfill the European obligations of the energy-climate package by 2030. So said Gianni Silvestrini, President of the Technical Scientific Committee of KEY ENERGY (at Rimini Fiera from today until Friday, organized by Italian Exhibition Group), while opening the proceedings of the conference ´Disengaging from fossils by investing in collective renewable plants´.
´2019 - continued Silvestrini - is the year in which acceleration is needed, especially in photovoltaics: the sector will have to multiply the installed power, going from 400 to 4000 MW / year. Now there is great expectation from the operators, not only for the renewable decree, but also for the overcoming of those obstacles that still hinder the development of distributed energy generation and energy communities ´.

The Energy manager is an increasingly strategic figure. FIRE prizes awarded

Leonardo Ketmaier of TIM for the tertiary sector, Paolo Bianco of AUSL Romagna for the public sector and -ex-aequo - Giuseppe Garzone of FPT Industrial and Paolo Menna of Vibac for the industrial sector, are the four winners of the 2018 Prizes awarded by FIRE in partnership with ENEA and KEY ENERGY to the best energy managers, authors of successful interventions in the buildings and structures of the organization that appointed them. During the award ceremony, Dario Di Santo, director of Fire, said: ´The energy manager is a strategic figure to achieve the goals set by the Paris Climate Agreement. He has the task of identifying actions to better use energy, through energy redevelopment interventions and the use of renewable sources and cogeneration. Especially if he is part of an energy management system (ISO 50001), the energy manager can help entrepreneurs to identify new business opportunities in the green economy and in the demand for products. and services with lower energy and environmental impact and can involve the company´s employees in this transformation. The data processed by FIRE - the organization that since 1992 manages the appointments of the energy managers according to the law 10/1991 - show an increase in numbers, and above all in the role. The prizes awarded today highlight the work of some energy managers from different sectors and we hope that it can stimulate more and more companies to give space and resources to prepared and qualified energy managers ´.

The Jury, composed of FIRE and ENEA experts, evaluated criteria such as the EGE certification of the energy manager, the adoption of an energy management system, the use of a monitoring and / or automation system extended to the more significant consumption and the implementation of various measures to improve energy efficiency within companies.

Photovoltaics, for ANIE Renewables the future lies in digitization

Not only new photovoltaic systems, but also adequate maintenance, which allows inverter panels to operate efficiently. Operation & maintenance - the maintenance and assistance of the plant was the focus of a meeting organized with ANIE Renewables.
´For photovoltaic targets not only new renewable capacity is needed . explains the President Alberto Pinori . but we also need to know how to maintain and renew the existing through operations to upgrade the plants, such as revamping and repowering.´ Pinori focuses on the fact that: ´we are experiencing a period of transition for the sector with the appearance of new and interesting instruments such as so-called PPA (power purchase agreement) contracts, which will radically change the future relationships between plant managers and producers, but also between producers and traders. Another decisive theme for competitiveness will be that of digitization, where there will be an increasing use of innovation technology and block chain tools also in the plant maintenance phase.´

ENEL X, plan for almost 3 thousand charging stations

ENEL X bets strongly on electric mobility, launching a national plan to install 2,850 charging points throughout Italy. The technological innovation branch of the energy company has put in place an industrial plan that focuses on electric mobility and distributed energy generation and flexibility of energy demand. ´For e-mobility infrastructures - says Sonia Sandei, Sales Manager for B2B Enel X Italy - numerous agreements have been signed with large-scale retailers and banks (Eataly and BCC) to set up charging stations in the parking lots of supermarkets and banks, but also airports.´
But the main offer is Demand response, which allows commercial companies to respond to market signals by giving companies greater flexibility and more efficient use of energy infrastructures and resources.
´Thanks to the power aggregations, Enel X is able to collect the energy produced by small businesses already today, offering them an adequate remuneration.´