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The leading Italian event dedicated to technologies for the intelligent use of energy in industry and housing is back. A full programme of conferences, organized in collaboration with Enea, FIRE and Federesco. Anticipation for the Energy Manager of the Year Award

.Rimini, 6th November 2018 . Businesses and citizens in Italy are paying ever increasing attention to energy efficiency. The eco-bonus data in the Enea Report, according to which Italians invested over 3.7 billion Euros last year, equal to about 420,000 energy upgrade interventions, and the 6% increase in the number of Energy Managers in the last 4 years that emerges from the recent FIRE report, are the proof.
The crucial theme of a better use of resources is the focus of Key Efficiency, the hall dedicated to technologies for an intelligent use of energy in industry and housing which is part of Key Energy (Rimini Expo Centre, 6th-9th November 2018). The Mediterranean´s renewable energy trade show leader, organized by Italian Exhibition Group, takes place at the same time as Ecomondo, the outstanding international green and circular economy show, and includes Key Solar, an exhibition specifically for solar energy products and services, Key Wind, Italy´s top event for the wind power sector, Key Storage for storing energy produced from renewable sources, and Sustainable City, the project on the environmental quality of urban centres and the virtuous management of territories. The States General of the Green Economy will also be there as usual (6th-7th November).
The coming edition also boasts an extremely full programme of Key Efficiency conferences, organized by Enea and the various sector associations, such as FIRE and Federesco. The opening day, 6th November, will see the meeting entitled ´Energy efficiency: the key to a sustainable future´ (3 pm, Energy Room, Hall B5), a talk show that will outline the situation regarding policies on the efficient use of energy. The traditional and highly anticipated presentation of the FIRE-ENEA Award for Energy Managers in the industrial sector will also take place during the event. It will provide a moment of discussion on the effects of the ongoing provisions, the systemic criticalities to be overcome and prospects for market evolution between the institutional representatives who define and implement energy efficiency policies and members of the industrial system. The winner of the ENEA-FIRE Energy Manager Award will be selected from more than forty candidates by a jury of experts. One of the requirements is to have created projects to improve the use of energy at his/her company facilities.

Enea will also be organizing events dedicated to building and industry solutions: ´Energy efficiency in buildings: solutions and innovative tools´ (7th November, 2 pm, Energy Room, Hall B5) and ´Energy efficiency in the industrial sector: technological and systemic solutions´ (8th November, 2 pm, Energy Room, Hall B5). The main focus of the events will be solutions and tools for the building and industry sectors.

The new opportunities deriving from energy efficiency qualifications will, instead, be dealt with at the ´White certificates: the situation´ conference, organized by FIRE (7th November, 2.30 pm, Gardenia Room, Hall D7). The traditional event organized by the Federation in collaboration with Key Energy will illustrate the results achieved and provide the latest news. Other FIRE conferences for insiders will be ´Measuring energy savings: ISO 50015 and IPMVP´ (8th November, 2.30 pm. Gardenia Room Hall D7), during which the general principles and guidelines relating to measuring and checking energy services and the international IPMVP protocol will be outlined; ´Energy efficiency operators: Energy managers, Energy auditors, Energy Management Experts, Energy Service Companies´ (8th November, 2.30 pm, Mimosa 2 Room, Hall B6), organized in collaboration with Assoege and Federesco, which will outline the regulatory framework of the various professionals. Funding strategies for re-launching investments in public and private sectors will be the focus of ´Finance for energy efficiency´, organized by Federesco (6th November, 2 pm, Tulipano Room, Hall B6), which is also responsible for organizing the meeting on ´Energy efficiency in Public Administration´ (7th November, 9.30 am, Tulipano Room, Hall B6). Another topic on the agenda will be the thorough upgrading of buildings, the so-called deep-renovation, which, for many, represents a unique chance to re-launch the entire construction industry. This theme will be discussed at the conference entitled ´Efficiency measures for existing buildings: techniques and financing´, organized by the Green Building Council Italia (9th November, 9.30 am, Gardenia Room, Hall D7)

STATEMENTS - ´FIRE,´ explains Director Dario di Santo, ´is once again renewing its now historical collaboration with Key Energy by organizing the usual conference events on IPMVP, on energy sector operators and on white certificates. For the second year running the Federation, together with ENEA and Key Energy, will also be promoting the Energy Manager Award, which will be presented to the winner during the trade show.´
´Once again this year,´ says President Claudio Ferrari, ´Federesco, the National Federation that groups together, protects and supports Energy Service Companies in promoting energy efficiency, is participating with a programme of initiatives and events and a stand at Key Energy. The climate challenge taken on with the commitments of the Paris Agreement and with the important objectives that Italy has defined for 2030, offer the chance to renew the energy system by promoting renewable energies and efficiency at one the Mediterranean´s top trade show events for the Energy and Sustainable Mobility sector which, once again, provides a reference point for the ongoing energy transition.´

FOCUS ON ECOMONDO AND KEY ENERGY 2018 Category: International Trade Shows; Organization: Italian Exhibition Group SpA; frequency: annual; edition: 22nd Ecomondo and 12th Key Energy; entry: insiders and the public; opening times: 9 am -6 pm; group brand manager: Alessandra Astolfi; Ecomondo brand manager: Mauro Delle Fratte; Key Energy brand manager: Sara Quotti Tubi; exhibitor info: tel. 0541.744302; mail:; websites:; facebook:; twitter:;;linkedin:

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