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The Minister for the Environment at the opening ceremony of the top event for circular economy in the Euro-Mediterranean area

.Rimini, 8th November 2017 . ´Ecomondo is no longer merely an environment trade show. It is now not just green but a leading Italian economy event having grown over the years to become one of the top trade shows in the economic field.´
This was the comment from Gian Luca Galletti, Minister for the Environment, as he took part yesterday morning at Rimini Fiera for the opening ceremony of the circular economy´s number one event.
´Here,´ he continued, ´we deal with that part of the economy that represents the future of Italian and global growth. We need to grow even further and look beyond our borders because I would like Ecomondo to become the world´s leading economy trade show. I am sure that we have the ability to fulfil this aim especially in view of the results we have achieved so far.´
Also participating at the ribbon-cutting ceremony were Emma Petitti, Budget Councillor for the Emilia-Romagna Region, Andrea Gnassi, Mayor and President of Rimini Province and Lorenzo Cagnoni, President of Italian Exhibition Group (the company generated by a merger between Rimini Fiera and Fiera di Vicenza and organizer of the Show).
´What we have here is that type of culture which aims at a truly sustainable development, ´said Councillor Petitti. ´A culture which is already strongly rooted in our Region. In fact, 30% of Emilia-Romagna companies have already invested in green and they are also the ones that are taking on more people.´
Backing her up was Mayor Gnassi. ´This is our chance to reap what we have sown,´ he said. ´Rimini is at the top of the tourism table with 25 million city users. The matter of putting a sustainable development model into effect was therefore mandatory. And we have done so and become an authentic case history. We have invested in sea reclamation and in a cultural container driver. 100,000 million Euros invested in water regulation. It all concerns circular economy which is what you can see and touch here: a pragmatic Ecomondo that also creates jobs.´
For his part, President Cagnoni spoke of the amplitude of this edition. ´Ecomondo unites with Key Energy and the ecological vehicle show And it keeps growing year by year, producing innovations like Key Solar, the new exhibition sector on solar panels, and Sustainable City with H2R. I wish the over 1,200 companies participating in this Show the greatest success in their business deals with the over 100,000 professional visitors from 60 different companies expected to attend. The Show occupies the entire Exhibition Centre and we will have to think about making further space in the coming years.´
The Show offers a number of new entries to represent a highly dynamic sector. Among the most particular: the device for second-hand clothes collection with an easy-to-use anti-intrusion, digital touch-screen opening system without a handle and the chance to select a discount voucher from the monitor. The App that helps technicians with energy and structural readings in schools and which measures energy consumptions and the seismic vulnerability of school buildings. The cycle path that provides a luminous track without using electricity. Also on show is a compressed air car that runs on energy produced by the wind, the electric tricycle with easy pedalling fitted with a tip-up container for waste collection, 100% ecological. And, last but not least, the world´s first mobile composter that holds organic waste and directly processes the material to turn it into compost.

Category: International expos; Organizer: Italian Exhibition Group SpA; frequency: annual; edition: 21st Ecomondo and 11th Key Energy; admittance: trade members and general public; tickets: full-price 25 euros; info on special rates and season tickets:; hours: 9 am . 6 pm, last day 9 am . 5 pm; Italian show director: Patrizia Cecchi; group brand manager: Alessandra Astolfi; Ecomondo and Key Energy brand manager: Mauro Delle Fratte; exhibitor info: tel. +39 0541 744302; e-mail:; Web sites:; Facebook:; Twitter:; official hashtag: #ecomondo

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