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The two new Key Energy-Ecomondo events on photovoltaic energy and energy storage systems are among the main new features of the IEG expo at Fiera di Rimini dedicated to renewable energy and the green economy (7-10 November 2017)

.Rimini, 29th September 2017 . In just over ten years, Italy will have to generate 60 billion kilowatt/hr with solar panels. So says the SEN, the new Strategia Energetica Nazionale (National Energy Strategy), which is about to be launched. The specific objective the Italian Government has set itself on photovoltaic energy (precisely 60 TWh by 2030) will result in a great increase in installed power and foresees the support and promotion of small renewable energy plants and the support of self-consumption.

An increasingly important market for companies and therefore for consumers and the public, which will be a key player at Key Energy (Fiera di Rimini, 7-10 November 2017, organized by IEG Italian Exhibition Group), the expo held simultaneously with Ecomondo, which is increasingly acknowledged as the reference point for renewable energy, energy storage systems and mobility, with new additions - Key Solar, the new expo sector on photovoltaic energy, and Key Storage, dedicated to systems for the storage of energy from renewable sources.
Key Solar will feature the participation of numerous international companies, such as Aleo Solar, JA Solar, Uflex and many more, whereas Key Storage participants will include Fronius, Senec, Sonnen, Solaredge, Growatt.

Key Energy scientific director Gianni Silvestrini announces, ´In 2017, photovoltaic installations should reach 100 GW at world level, equal to all the solar power connected to the grid just five years ago. There are signs of an upswing in Italy too, with an increase of 14% in the first eight months of the year. This is the beginning of a recovery that should bring photovoltaic installations in Italy to 5-7 times that of the current number.

On the other hand, Matteo Marini, vice President responsible for Energy, stresses, ´With its 1,300 member companies, the ANIE federation represents the ´home of technology.´ ANIE enterprises provide products, systems and technical solutions for energy efficiency and sustainable development of public and private infrastructures and for strategic markets such as industry, mobility, energy and building. This is why we supported Key Energy, the sector´s leading expo, right from the outset, as it promotes the spread of knowledge of the most innovative green technology to be found on the market today. The expansion of exhibit space at Key Solar and Key Storage takes the direction desired by ANIE, that of providing an ample insight on energy issues, acknowledging the key role of renewable energy sources and supporting the value of industry, committed to ensuring the energy system´s security and flexibility with the best technology.´

Paolo Rocco Viscontini, president of Italia Solare, announces, ´We believe that the new SEN must be more courageous and aim at 35% of renewable sources in general and 60% in the electricity sector. On the other hand, in photovoltaic energy specifically, in order to obtain 40 TWh/year of solar energy, we see the need on one hand to maintain and strengthen the capacity already installed and, on the other, to prepare ad hoc instruments to maximize penetration.´

The conference program:
Numerous interesting meetings will be dedicated to the sector in the busy program of Key Energy conferences. Among these, the appointment (on 10th November) covering the international outlook on renewables and on distributed generation (organized by Res4Med), with an appendix addressing opportunities in Africa and in some developing countries.
There will be in-depth coverage of the prospects for storage combined with photovoltaic energy in Italy (8th November, organized by ANIE Energia) and the new prospects of integrating photovoltaic systems (8th November, organized by the Direction of FREE). There will then be coverage of the issue of upgrading existing solar energy plants (9th November) and matters connected with of plants´ management and maintenance (10th November, organized by Italia Solare). Lastly, there will be reports on international success stories and the development of renewable sources on small islands (7th November) and the new technological frontiers offered by innovation (9th November).

Key Wind´s appointment with the wind energy industry
The majority of the wind energy sector´s companies will take part in Key Wind. Among those participating, there will be companies such as Erg Renew, Senvion Italia, Edf Energie Nouvelles, I.V.P.C. Service, Tozzi Green, Northern Power System, Enercon Gmbh, ATB Riva Calzoni, eTa Blades, GhRepower, Ren Electron, El Power, Coolbine, Pentawind, Ergowind, Moventas Gears, Ima, Berardi Bullonerie, FMV Trasmissioni Meccaniche, Pentateck, Ambor Structures, Heico Italia, Leitwind/Leitner and Ren Electron.

The expo setting of Key Energy also hosts Key Efficiency, dedicated to technology, systems and solutions for intelligent use of resources. Sustainable City must also be remembered, which aims at presenting the ideal city of the future, containing technological solutions, mobility plans and the use of renewable energy under the banner of sustainability.
The program with all the appointments can be found at the link

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