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After 15 editions, Ecomondo and Key Energy are embarking on the road to further growth and development. November 2022 will be the last edition together. As of March 2023, renewables and energy transition will be given more space with K.EY. IEG CEO Peraboni: ´we aim to become the leading exhibition for renewables in the Mediterranean area.´

Rimini, 31st October 2022 - The Ecological Transition Plan foresees that, in 2030, 72% of electricity in Italy must be generated by renewable sources, reaching levels close to 95-100% in 2050.

A challenge that Italian Exhibition Group is ready to take up by launching the new Key Energy, an autonomous event with a new format, a new positioning and, for the first time, held in spring, from 22nd to 24th March 2023, again at Rimini Expo Centre. The event was presented at the GSE headquarters last September in Rome during a round table entitled ´Renewable energy and energy transition: where are we? Opportunities, strategies, regulatory framework and future scenarios in Italy and abroad´, which was attended by representatives of the sector´s main associations.

´Key Energy has matured so much that it is ready to stand on its own two feet,´ said Corrado Arturo Peraboni, CEO of IEG. ´After 15 editions running alongside Ecomondo, the event will have its own space and will be held in spring with a new format that will, in any case, leverage on the lengthy experience in the sector gained in over a decade of activity. Our goal is to give the new K.EY an increasingly international scope, transforming it into the most important community dedicated to renewables and energy transition in the Mediterranean basin area, thus strengthening our leadership in Europe´.

The last edition in conjunction with Ecomondo will therefore take place from 8th to 11th November 2022 at Rimini Expo centre, although the connection between the two fairs will not be interrupted: Ecomondo´s pre-eminent role as a reference platform in Europe for technological and industrial innovation in all sectors of the green economy will in fact contribute to creating further synergies, increasing and strengthening Key Energy´s know-how on topics linked to the circular economy.

The new K.EY will take over from Key Energy, continuing to act as the main driver of energy transition, strengthening its role as a reference event in Italy and abroad and confirming its role as a privileged place for comparison, discussion and updating on the entire range of renewables. For the March 2023 edition, the exhibition area is expected to double with a 30% increase in the number of exhibitor brands present and more than double the number of attendees.

The new K.EY will continue to be a comprehensive showcase of technology, integrated solutions and services able to guide the energy transition towards a carbon-neutral economy, as well as a cultural, scientific and technical reference hub and community catalyst able to connect stakeholders, players and renewable energy operators throughout the world and make them communicate with each other. Not only a business platform, but also and above all, an opportunity for training and information on the subject of energy and accelerating the ongoing energy transition process.
The first edition of the new K.EY will include three days of business and networking with the involvement of a Technical Scientific Committee of the highest quality, chaired by Professor Gianni Silvestrini and made up of Institutions, Industrial Trade Associations, Technical-Scientific Associations, Bodies and Foundations. The three days will also feature events, conferences, debates and workshops aimed at deepening the aspects related to the world of renewables and energy transition at national and international level, even from a regulatory point of view.

The new K.EY will continue to develop the six pillars that contributed to the success of the event and actually intends to strengthen them by giving each their own hall:

1. SEC . Solar Exhibition and Conference, the exhibition area for Photovoltaics and Storage, for the first time as part of K.EY. The third edition of ForumTech, ITALIA SOLARE´s training and information event, will also take place at the same time.
2. Technologies and services for building and managing wind power plants.
3. Technologies and projects for producing and storing hydrogen (one of the main players in the energy transition) in their own area for the first time within K.EY.
4. Energy efficiency and storage in industry and building with technologies and services available to companies to optimise their energy consumption and reduce their carbon footprint.
5. Electric and sustainable mobility, from charging infrastructures to interconnected mobility services.
6. Sustainable city, the special project dedicated to transforming cities according to the smart city model.

In addition to all these elements, the show will also feature the ´INNOVATION Start-up village´, a space for Italian and international green innovation, which makes the new K.EY a privileged space for fostering dialogue between the business world and young entrepreneurs with the aim of creating new business opportunities.

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