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Sustainable City

A city that focuses on its citizens inevitably thinks about smart and sustainable mobility, and reclaiming disused areas for new parking areas dedicated to sharing mobility. It provides for the integration between public and private transport, between the central station of every city and other forms of mobility.

As a circular smart city, Sustainable City dedicates a large amount of space to the mobility sector in terms of products exhibited and information content.



► Public Authorities

​► Large industrial groups

​► Technical Public Authorities

​► Fleet managers

Autobus elettrici in città


► Electricity charging points and stations

► Electric, bi-fuel, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles

► Electric motorcycles

► Electrification and new energy carriers

► Bike & car sharing

► Innovative payment systems, on-demand parking, and car park management

► Innovative local public transport management systems

► Low-impact local public transport

► Connectivity and intermodality

Bike sharing

Automobile elettrica mentre ricarica la batteria