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Sustainable City is a special KEY ENERGY project, the international renewable energy fair.

An exhibition area and a workshop of ideas developed to design the future of cities from a sustainable perspective.

The evolution of cities is described through three main themes: MOBILITY, DIGITALISATION, URBAN REGENERATION.

Technologies and services available to the PA for the efficiency and redevelopment of housing stock and cities, efficient public lighting, utilities, ICT products and solutions for services, buildings, smart grids and sustainable mobility, electric & hybrid cars, car and bike sharing, smart parking, electric public transport, apps for integrated transport, digital solutions and solutions for the electric city.


The evolution of cities is depicted through three main themes:


  • Circular economy
  • Restoration of existing assets
  • Urban regeneration
  • Efficient street lighting
  • Green areas to mitigate climate change


  • Natural gas electric hybrid cars
  • Sharing systems and interoperability
  • Infrastructure
  • Cycle paths
  • Charging stations
  • Intelligent signage
  • Smart parking


  • Home automation
  • Monitoring systems
  • Networks
  • Apps for citizens


The wealth of experience gained thanks to the LUMI expo is harnessed with the KEY ENERGY platform, giving space to technologies and intelligent spaces at the service of citizens.

The new themed area focuses attention on the integration of systems, involving professionals across the built environment and smart supply chain sector, namely system integrators, facility/energy managers, security managers and designers.



Exhibition Manager

Christian Previati
 (+39) 0541 744882 

Ufficio Commerciale

Claudia Costella
 (+39) 0541/744457