The expo

Solar Exhibition & Conference by KEY ENERGY was held from 06 to 08 April at the Rimini Expo Centre.

Its three days was dedicated to the solar energy industry and its supply chains, with an exhibition area, conferences, meetings and debates.

This event is an expert and professional response to the solar industry's need to capitalise on the growth opportunities arising from the incentives introduced by the government to support the decarbonisation of the Italian economy: superbonus 110%, national recovery and resilience plan (PNRR), regulatory simplification.

Solar Exhibition & Conference by KEY ENERGY has an innovative format, highly focused on the needs of solar companies and communities, in order to give concrete answers to an economic sector responsible for guiding the energy transition process that Italy is going through, drawing on the most significant international experiences.

Solar Exhibition & Conference was held in synergy with and at the same time as the second edition of ForumTech, the ITALIA SOLARE training and information event.



  • Solar panels 
  • Panel mounting and maintenance systems
  • Integrated roofing and asbestos disposal systems
  • Storage systems
  • Products, services and accessories


  • Inverters
  • Technologies for energy communities 
  • Consumption management and monitoring software
  • Public and private electric vehicle recharging infrastructure

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