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The contribution and potential of wind to meet 2030 objectives under the European New Deal is exhibited at Keywind, the key event for wind energy for the Mediterranean Basin, Balkans and the Middle East, and a meeting platform for manufacturers of on-shore and off-shore wind turbines, floating wind technology, components, energy producers, revamping and repowering solutions for existing plant, O&M, assets and finance, developers, banks and investors, managers and owners, institutions and insurance companies. 

Thanks to Key Wind’s partners, which include ANEV (the national wind energy association), technical seminars and conventions will be an important opportunity to take stock of the wind sector and focus on opportunities and the new emerging scenarios.

European sessions will be organised by Windeurope Association. 

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The numbers of wind energy

With over 10 GW of installed power and 19 TWh per year of renewable electricity produced in Italy, the wind sector can and must become a powerful economic, industrial and cultural response to the pandemic crisis.

The sector is growing now and and it will grow to 2030: and this will make it possible to reach an installed power of at least 20 GW and a production of over 41 TWh which would correspond to 25 million tons of avoided CO2 emissions.

Investing in wind power means creating jobs, supporting technological development, fueling research and innovation, but above all contributing to the achievement of the energy-environmental objectives of the European Green Deal with particular reference to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions expected by 2030 and looking forward to 2050 for a complete decarbonisation of energy production.

  • On-shore and off-shore wind turbine manufacturers
  • Floating wind technology manufacturers
  • Energy producers
  • Components
  • Revamping and repowering solutions for existing plant
  • O&M, assets and finance, developers
  • Utilities
  • Managers of wind farms
  • Big operators in the electrical market
  • Investors


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