In the last few years, interest has increased among Italian and European institutions in the development of technologies relating to hydrogen production, storage and transport.

Specifically, 2019 saw the publication in Italy of the Integrated National Plan for Energy and the Climate (PNIEC), which included hydrogen in all dimensions, and in particular, set out the use of green hydrogen equal to at least 1% of the renewable energy sources target for transport.

Subsequently in 2021, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) dedicated €3.64 billion to hydrogen, with a view to:

  • developing flagship projects for the use of hydrogen in hard-to-abate industrial sectors, starting with the steel industry;
  • encouraging the creation of “hydrogen valleys”, by leveraging brownfield sites in particular;
  • opening filling stations for road and rail transport;
  • supporting research and development;
  • introducing the reforms and regulations necessary to enable the use, transport and distribution of hydrogen.


Against this backdrop, KEY ENERGY, in partnership with H2IT, ENEA and all the main institutions involved, is promoting the development of projects and actions to integrate hydrogen production and storage technologies with renewable energy sources in order to improve energy and economic efficiency, while assessing the environmental costs.

Green hydrogen, produced through processes with no or very low CO2 emissions, is one of the game changers for energy transition in the industrial and transport sectors.


As regards Europe:

  • currently only around 1% of global hydrogen production is green, out of approximately 300 MW of electrolyser capacity;
  • by 2024, electrolyser capacity is expected to reach 6 GW and then 10.9 GW by 2026;
  • new projects have been announced with a capacity of 120 GW up to 2030 and beyond.


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