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What’s Happening With Renewable Energy In North Africa?

Aug 3, 2018
Techcabal - Africa has a well documented energy generation problem. Globally, Africa has the lowest electrification rates and even lower power generation rates. This has led entrepreneurs and stakeholders across the continent to turn to renewable energy sources such as solar and biomass to try and fill the gap.

North Africa: Solar Power Could Save Water in Thirsty Middle East, North Africa, Analysis Says

Aug 3, 2018
Thomson Reuters Foundation - Thirsty Middle Eastern and North African countries could tap into their solar-energy potential to cope with freshwater scarcity, according to resource experts.

IFC partnership with Gaia Energy to Increase Wind Development Across Africa

Aug 3, 2018
Steel Guru - BusinessGhana reported that IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, has forged a new partnership with Gaia Energy to create a joint platform for the development of wind power and other renewable energy projects in Africa.

The Coming Energy Transition: How It Will Affect 5 Industries

Aug 3, 2018
Forbes - The so-called energy transition – a move away from non-renewable thermal fuel sources such as oil, coal and gas towards renewables – has been gathering momentum. And the societal and industrial effects of this shift to biomass, hydro, geothermal, wind, solar and other energy sources will only multiply over the next few years.

Ecomondo and Key Energy will tackle North African Area as a priority issue

Aug 1, 2018
Recycling Portal - Two leading trade shows for green and circular economy and renewable energies in the Euro Mediterranean area will discuss the risks facing MED forest vegetation and sea as well as new technologies and solutions.