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How solar power is changing lives in Africa

Oct 9, 2018
SolarPlaza - The unrivaled, life-changing power of solar energy: battling climate change and accelerating socio-economic development .

'Tipping points' could exacerbate climate crisis, scientists fear

Oct 9, 2018
The Guardian - IPCC report ‘underestimates potential of these key dangers to send Earth into spiral of runaway climate change’.

France: EDF, Total and Engie ‘really bad’ green providers, says Greenpeace

Oct 2, 2018
pv magazine - Greenpeace France has launched a Green Electricity Guide, which ranks 19 French electricity providers in terms of their renewable energy offers. The environmental association accuses several providers of practicing greenwashing, as they buy power from nuclear power plants and then turn it “green” using guarantee of origin certificates.

Germany deployed nearly 2 GW of PV so far this year

Oct 2, 2018
pv magazine - In the first eight months of 2018, newly installed PV capacity in Germany totaled almost 2 GW, and is already well above the previous year’s level. New residential and commercial PV systems, with a combined capacity of nearly 241 MW, have been reported to the Federal Network Agency. In October, solar incentives will drop by another 1%.

Italy further improves decree for solar, renewables

Sep 27, 2018
pv magazine - In a meeting with domestic energy associations, the Italian government has confirmed the general thrust of the draft decree for solar and renewable energies. It has also proposed changes favorable for PV linked to projects for asbestos removal and the rehabilitation of polluted or soil-degraded areas for large-scale projects selected in upcoming RE auctions. Alberto Pinori, president of Italy’s renewable energy association, Anie Rinnovabili, has praised the government’s new attitude and its agencies. He further stressed the importance of the obligation of only using new components for renewable projects, solar included, which will likely be included in the decree.