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Danish Energy Agency’s new estimate slashes price of renewable energy by 30% - bringing offshore wind on par with nuclear

Jul 17, 2018
Business Insider - Denmark has long the global leader on wind power in terms of per capita energy production, and has shown that transitioning to low carbon energy sources simply is not to be regarded as an economic burden.

Italian government challenges Sicily’s moratorium on solar parks

Jul 12, 2018
Pv magazine - The Italian Council of Ministers said that Sicily’s temporary suspension of all approvals for large-scale wind and solar project is unconstitutional.

Germany produces enough renewable energy in six months to power country's households for an entire year

Jul 9, 2018
INDEPENDENT - Country's green power output has grown by a third in three years.

Sweden Hits Its 2030 Clean Energy Target This Year

Jul 9, 2018
Inverse - They just went nuts installing wind turbines, according to an industry group report (paraphrasing).

Electric Vehicle Sales Foretell a Big Oil Crash

Jul 9, 2018
DESMOG - Oil and gas companies have underestimated probable electric vehicle sales and the effect they will have on their own businesses and profits, a new report says.