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Techcabal - Africa has a well documented energy generation problem. Globally, Africa has the lowest electrification rates and even lower power generation rates. This has led entrepreneurs and stakeholders across the continent to turn to renewable energy sources such as solar and biomass to try and fill the gap.


Though power generation has slowly improved over the years, there is a dearth big enough that the problem still persists with distribution challenges, blackouts and shortages hampering economic growth across the continent.

A majority of African countries are also not investing enough in the development of energy/power generation. According to Quartz Africa, “Estimates of annual investments required for the power sector between 2015 and 2040 range from US$33.4 billion to $63 billion. Yet the average annual spending in the past decade in the African power sector has been about US$12 billion.”

Bucking the trend, however, is North Africa where they are currently building the largest concentrated solar plant in the world as well as an intercontinental energy corridor between North Africa and Europe. With huge public investments like the aforementioned, we decided to look at the interesting happenings in North Africa’s power sector:


Founded in 2011 (the year of the Arab Spring), Cairo-based KarmSolar is Egypt’s largest private off-grid solar energy integrator. The startup has built the region’s largest off-grid Hybrid Pumping & Irrigation System (147 kW) and also has a sustainable architectural design & building subsidiary called KarmBuild.  The company also builds low-cost solar irrigation pumps that are use up less energy than typical electric pumps. The startup is also the first to be licensed by the government to sell off-grid solar electricity to private consumers.