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Solar is achieving extraordinary results in developing countries. It supplies electricity to non-grid connected families, with as many as 180 million people using solar lamps.

And if tens of millions of people in Africa have access to light thanks to simple photovoltaic kits, the next decade will see the diffusion of mini solar networks to feed refrigerators, fans, pumping systems for entire villages.

One of the countries in which the decentralized solar revolution is starting is Nigeria. According to the Agency for rural electrification, in the medium term ten thousand 100 kW mini-networks could be installed producing electricity at a price much lower than diesel generators.

And of course there are also large solar power plants and wind farms that are starting to catch on, with 4 GW photovoltaics and 5.7 GW wind turbines already installed in Africa. The perspectives are very interesting, with 30 GW wind farms that will be installed by 2027.

These themes will be discussed  in two events organized inside the KeyEnergy Conference in Rimini on 7 November. The first, promoted by Wind Energy Europe in cooperation with Anev, will concentrate on the potentialities of wind in the Continent, while the second event, organized by Res4Africa, will focus on the tools to support private sector investments in renewable technologies in Africa.

Author: Gianni Silvestrini, KeyEnergy scientific Director