The expo

KEY ENERGY confirms its position as the key show for electric mobility, a sector that is enjoying progressive and exponential growth worldwide, carving out a new larger market space to guarantee environmental sustainability and reduce refuelling costs.

Attending the show means being a key player in energy transition, as set out in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

Specifically, e-mobility for industry and professionals will cover the following topics:

  • electric cars and commercial vehicles and PHEVs,
  • short- and long-term leasing solutions,
  • digital solutions for fleet management, corporate car sharing, company car-pooling,
  • benefits, opportunities, tax breaks and the economic sustainability of the switch to electric vehicles (maintenance, running costs, useful life)

As regards e-mobility for cities, we will talk about:  

  • digital services for the management of car/bike sharing and the modal integration of personal means of transport with local public transport
  • light mobility
  • e-vehicles for last mile transport
  • electrification as a regional marketing tool

Finally, we will cover electrification infrastructure and technologies:

  • electric recharging points and stations
  • lithium-ion batteries for electric cars
  • vehicle-to-grid technology
  • hydrogen