*This is a draft of the events scheduled. The program will be updated shortly.










26 october 11.30-13.00 
Energy Community - AgriculturalEnergyatKm0

Organized by: COLDIRETTI e ForGreen SpA Società Benefit  


26 october 14.45-16.45 
Opening – Opportunities for Italy related to the PNRR.
Analysis of the energy transition incentive policies contained in the PNRR and assessment of their effects on the Country-System

Organized by: CTS Key Energy


26 october 14.30-17.30 
Technologies and quality of projects for sustainable agriculture

Organized by: ENEA & ETA Florence Renewable Energies


27 october 9.30-13.00 
Africa Green Growth 

Organized by Res4Africa


27 october 9.30-12.30
The 7 FREE proposals for Italy in 2030

Organized by Coordinamento Free 


28 october 14.30-18.00 
The national hydrogen supply chains: prospects and development opportunities

Organized by: ENEA, H2IT 


28 october 15.00-17.00 
Climate policy priorities and the COP26

Organized by Kyoto Club 






26 october 11.30-13.30 
The beauty of renewables



26 October, ore 14.30 -16.00
Combining the needs of the energy transition with those of the environment and the landscape

Organized by: ANIE Federazione 


27 october 9.30-12.30
The Fit for 55 package and the European strategy for decarbonisation

Organized by: Elettricità Futura



27 october 10.00-13.00 
Coping with the energy transition. How to achieve economically sustainable decarbonization

Organized by: Althesys


27 october 14.00-16.00 
Energy storage systems: technological and market evolution

Organized by: ANIE Federazione 


28 october 9.30-12.30 
The future of batteries: sustainability and role in the energy transition, and opportunities for the national supply chain.

Organized by: ENEA, Motus-E  


28 october 14.30-17.00 
Energy communities: objectives and open questions with the transposition of Directive 2018/2001

Organized by: Legambiente, Italia Solare, Coordinamento FREE


29 october 9.30-12.30 
The ecological transition and the future of bioenergy

Organized by: Elettricità Futura


29 october 9.30-12.30 
A framework for energy communities. The support actions of the regions, the tools for the analysis and optimization of the Energy Communities

Organized by: ENEA 


29 october 9.30-12.30 
E-fuels: production and use of synthetic fuels from CO2 and renewable electricity

Organized by ENEA, Clust-ER Greentech






27 october 09.45-13.30  
The off-shore development in Italy: economic & practical aspects

Organized by: ANEV


27 october, 15.00-17.30 
Wind power and digitalization, the ecological transition achieved through the digital transition

Organized by: ANEV


28 october,10.00-13.00
Revamping and repowering: opportunities and criticalities for photovoltaic and wind power plants

Organized by: ANIE Federazione, ANEV, H2IT




26 october 11.30-13.30
Cogeneration in the energy transition

Organized by: Cogen Europe


26 october 11.30-13.30 
Conference of AssoESCo

Organized by: AssoESCo


26 october 14.30-16.30 
The contribution of companies to the technological change

Organized by: ARSE  (Associazione Riscaldamento Senza Emissioni) with GIGA Free and EcoFuturo  


27 october 10.30-13.00 
Energy management experts certification: the new standard 

Organized by: FIRE


27 october 15.00-17.30 
The news about white certificates 

Organized by: FIRE  


28 october 14.30-17.30 
Measurement and verification of energy savings

Organized by: FIRE


29 october 9.30-12.30 
Ecobonus110%: results and prospects

Organized by Comitato Scientifico Key Energy





26 october 11.30-13.30 
IoT, AI and 5G: enabling technologies of the smart city

An excursus on the latest technological frontiers and applications that are accelerating the digital transformation of our cities.
Organized by : Lumi4Innovation


27 october 14.00-17.30 
Next Generation City. Green e digital transition. The drivers of smart and sustainable cities 

Organized by : CTS Key Energy, Ecohitech 
Following the XXII Ecohitech Award Ceremony
Award for solutions and projects for green and digital transition 
Organized by: Ecohitech 


28 october 10.00-12.30
Sustainability and digitalization are an indispensable combination for the efficiency of buildings, cities and the entire construction sector. Innovative international projects participated by Italy.

Organized by: CTS Key Energy ; GBC






26 october 11.30-13.30

Accelerate the electrical transition in LPT. The Motus Vademecum is an 'open' tool available to all stakeholders
Organized by: Motus-E, Autobus


27 october h. 11.00-13.00 (Part 1)
E-Valley: the transition to electric in the land of motors.
Presentation of the results of the study conducted by prof. Giorgio Prodi of the University of Ferrara in collaboration with Motus-E, Vaielettrico and Key Energy
Organized by: Vaielettrico, Motus-E, Key Energy

27 october h. 14.30-17.00 (Part 2)
E-Valley: focus on specialized human resources &
Presentation of the 100 start-ups and scaleups

Organized by: Vaielettrico, Key Energy


28 october 14.00-16.00 

Stories of Sustainable B2B Mobility
Organized by: Fleetmagazine, Motus-E