• Tuesday, November 7, 2017
  • 14:00 - 18:00
  • Memo
  • Key Solar Room B7 Pav.

by Key Energy Technical-Scientific Committee

Session chair

Gianni Chianetta, Greening the Islands



International success stories in developing renewable sources on small islands

Salvatore Vinci, IRENA

The goals of the Decree on Renewables on smaller Italian islands

Luciano Barra, Italian Ministry of Economic Development

Overview of the energy situation on the smaller Italian islands and prospects


The needs of islands and proposals to simplify authorisation procedures in interventions

Giannina Usai - General Secretary, National Association of Smaller Islands

Lampedusa project, the frontiers of research into storage

Francesco De Lia, Enea

Smart grids and storage systems, the most innovative solutions for isolated systems

Luigi Michi - CEO, Terna Plus

The state of the art in wave power and best practices on the islands

Armando Giacomi, Enel Marine Energy Manager

The challenge of network safety in developing renewables

Giovanni Taglialatela, President of UNIEM (Italian Union of Small Electrical Businesses)

How to combine development and respect for the environment

Edoardo Zanchini, Legambiente

Respect for the seas in new technologies and behaviours

Rosalba Giugni, MareVivo

Discussion and conclusion


Conference held in Italian language