• Tuesday, October 26, 2021
  • 14:30 - 16:30
  • Memo
  • Agorà Efficiency pav.B6
  • Italian

Organized by: ARSE  (Associazione Riscaldamento Senza Emissioni) with GIGA Free and EcoFuturo  

The conference promoted by ASS (Associazione Heating Senza Emissioni) with the collaboration of GIGA Free and EcoFuturo is an opportunity to raise awareness of the "green" turning point in heating in buildings, now possible thanks to the technological evolution of heat pumps. at high temperature and the diffusion of geothermal and hydrothermal exchange.
At the same time, the legislative revolution led to the approval of the "Energy Communities" which represent a further important tool for increasing the electrification of thermal consumption, enhancing local production from renewable sources, reducing energy costs, and pursuing the decarbonisation objectives of urban areas.
During the conference, ASS will present the first report on the evolution of geothermal heat pumps in our country for the decarbonisation of heating in urban areas.


Introduction by Livio De Santoli (President of Coordinamento Free)

Manuel Piatti - Cogeme Nuove Energie

Gianfranco Pellegrini - Teon

Giovanni Cimini - Western Co

ASS (Presentation of the study on potential geothermal energy in Italy and benefits)


Coordinated by MAURIZIO MELIS - host of the radio program "Smart Cities" on RADIO 24

G. Girotto - President of the Senate Industry Commission

Dario Tamburrano - Coordinator "Rome Capital Action Plan"

M. Fattor - President of ANIGHP

F. Ferrante - Kyoto Club Vice President

Fabio Roggiolani - President of GIGA

E. Zanchini - Vice President of Legambiente

Representatives of "Associations of Property Administrators"