• Tuesday, October 26, 2021
  • 11:30 - 13:30
  • Memo
  • Tulipano Room B6 Pav
  • Italian
  • English

Organized by: Cogen Europe, Italcogen

The world of cogeneration is going through a highly evolutionary phase. If, on the one hand, new technological solutions that still seemed distant are now appearing on the market at competitive prices, on the other hand, the needs of the energy transition impact on the world of cogeneration in terms of the type of fuels used which must always be more sustainable and in terms of performance of the systems that face the new needs of the system and of the users.
Cogeneration is at the heart of a sustainable and efficient development of the energy system and can significantly contribute to an evolution towards a clean resilient and user-friendly system.
The conference organized by Cogen Europe and Italcogen intends to carry out an analysis of some fundamental elements for the evolution of the cogeneration sector such as the evolution of incentive mechanisms, the coupling of efficient technology with renewable fuels, the development of new production and consumption systems based on the expected developments in closed distribution systems and energy communities.
The point of view will be the European one, but declined for the usefulness of the cogeneration sector at national level. In fact, the conference will include a round table for discussion of specific interest on national issues of interest for the development of cogeneration.


Welcome introduction
Marco Pezzaglia Chair of CogenEurope

The open files for conegeration at European level
Hans Kortweg – Managing Director of Cogen Europe

 Incentive system for the development of CHP in Europe
Alexandra Tudoroiu-Lakavičė – Head of Policy of Cogen Europe

The new scheme of certificates of origin of renewable gas for supporting the sustainability of the CHP sector
Jesse Scharf – Vice-President of ERGAR (European Renewable Gas Registry) and Scheme manager of Green Gas Certification Scheme - UK

The certification scheme of origin of Italian biogas for the development of cogeneration
Carlo Pieroni - Regatrace Project - Italian Biogas Consortium

The opportunities for cogeneration in light of the transposition of directives (EU) 2001/2018 and (EU) 2019/944
Marco Pezzaglia - President of Cogen Europe

Round table "Energy efficiency first: energy as the denominator"

Final remarks and closing 
Marco Golinelli - Italcogen President