• Tuesday, October 26, 2021
  • 14:30 - 17:30
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  • Agorà Energy 2 pad.D7
  • Italian

Organized by: ENEA & ETA Florence Renewable Energies

Energy transition and land and landscape preservation issues need to go hand in hand in order to succeed in meeting the ecological transition targets, as encompassed by the Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza (Next Generation EU).
Solutions able to create synergies between agriculture and photovoltaics, the so called “agrivoltaics”, are effective strategies for re-uniting issues that may seem in contradiction. In order to support the implementation of agrivoltaics, it is needed that on ground photovoltaic systems can make a paradigm shift from mere technical element to energy and spatial systems designed so as to meet different performance requirements, in relation to landscape, energy and agriculture. This is creating a framework for supporting and stimulating a new sustainable vision, which includes social, environmental and economical dimensions. The main stakeholders involved in the development and diffusion of agrivoltaics are the ones who have to share and build this new vision, that is building trust among institutions, local authorities, management bodies, photovoltaic and agricultural enterprises.
In order to advance this vision, ENEA, with the support of ETA Florence Renewable Energies, launched the “National sustainable agrivoltaics network”, open to trade and professions associations, public institutions, and enterprises, with the aim of promoting sustainable agrivoltaic approaches.
The objective is defining a common methodological and pre-normative framework, design and assessment guidelines, decision supporting tools and approaches for decision makers, and in general contributing in advancing and diffusing new knowledge.
The challenge is transforming the photovoltaic technology into en “enabling technology” to open new perspectives to farmers, which will take benefits from such a new, integrated approach to the land use.
It is necessary that proposed projects can include high value environmental and ecological choices, supported by appropriate scientific knowledge, and to do so, stakeholders should be involved in the development of multidimensional and multicriteria design guidelines and assessment approaches. The ecological transition needs to elaborate strategies and visions so as to go along with landscape quality and land conservation objectives.
The session programme opens a debate on these topics.

Session chair

Livio De Santoli  (Univ. La Sapienza – Presidente Coordinamento FREE)


Introduction, ENEA 
Alberto Mazzoni | Confagricoltura | Vice President of National Bioeconomy Federation

Agrivoltaics: the agricultural sector in support of the energy transition and the landscape preservation
Sabrina Diamanti*| Council of the National Order of Agronomists and Forestry Doctors | President
Professionals training for energy and food production win win actions

Michela Demofonti | EF Solare Italia | Coordinator of the Italiasolare agro-photovoltaic working group
Agrivoltaics potentialities

Filippo Tortoriello | Gala s.p.a. | CEO
The solar sharing: an experimental agrivoltaic park

Maria De Honestis | Kenergia
Energy agriculture and resources. Water saving.

Miriam Di Blasi | Enel Green Power | Responsible for mitigation of environmental impacts – Innovazione Global Power Generation
The Enel agrivoltaic model: utility scale systems and integration of agri- and zootechnical solutions for the multiple and sustainable land use, while protecting biodiversity

Maria Cristina Tullio | | Italian Association of Landscape Architecture (AIAPP) | President
Cultural transition and quality: landscapes and energy

Fabrizio Cembalo Sambiase | Progetto Verde landscape architecture studio| Fabrizio Cembalo Sambiase, Alessandro Visalli  & Italian Association of Landscape Architecture (AIAPP)
Photovoltaics and project quality as tools for managing the landscape transormation

Stefano Amaducci | Lecturer at the Catholic University of Sacro Cuore |  & delegate of the Italian Society of Agronomy in the National Network for Sustainable Agriculture ENEA
Agrivoltaics and sustainable management of agro-ecosystems: perspectives and open issues

Alessandra Scognamiglio | ENEA | Photovoltaic and Smart Devices Division | Coordinator of task force ENEA Sustainable Agriculture
The ENEA’s vision of sustainbale agrivoltaics

Angela Grassi | ETA Florence | Director
The web platform “National Network for Sustainable Agrivoltaics”