Key Energy Events
  • Thursday, November 10, 2022
  • 16:30 - 17:30
  • Memo
  • Piazza della PA Pav. D7
  • Italian
  • Organized by: Kyoto Club, Legambiente

The transposition of the European RED2 Directive, in which energy communities are envisaged, and the funds that the PNRR (2.2 billion) explicitly allocates to the implementation of energy communities in small municipalities, have aroused uin great interest in the area. In fact, small municipalities can become a model for revitalization on a new basis, not only of energy production (which does away with fossil fuels), but also of relations, with a view to participation and sharing among citizens and with local governments. For this reason, Legambiente and Kyoto Club with the technical support of AzzeroCO2 immediately launched an information campaign joined by important networks of municipalities, such as I Borghi Più Belli d'Italia, I Borghi Autentici Italiani, and I Comuni Bandiere Arancioni del Touring Club. Unfortunately, however, we are facing very serious delays on the part of Arera and the government, which still have not defined the technical modalities and incentives that energy communities will enjoy when fully operational. What can be done in the meantime? How to prepare?

Session chairs
Francesco Ferrante, Kyoto Club vice president

Alessandra Bonfanti, Legambiente small municipalities manager

Sandro Scollato, AzzeroCO2
Michelangelo Giansiracusa, mayor of Ferla
Mauro Guerra, coordinator Emilia Romagna Borghi più Belli di Italia
Katiuscia Eroe, Legambiente
Maurizio Musio, ERC technical referent Municipality Serrenti SU
Antonio Carrara, mayor Pettorano sul Gizio, AQ
Lorenzo Grilli, mayor Montegridolfo - RN

Francesco Ferrante