Key Energy Events
  • Wednesday, November 9, 2022
  • 11:30 - 13:00
  • Memo
  • Gardenia Room Pav. D7 East Hall
  • Italian
  • Organized by: Italcogen

The ongoing energy transition and ambitious European targets for decarbonization of the economy and independence from Russian fossil imports require that all available solutions be pragmatically implemented. Energy security is also achieved through energy efficiency, which seems to have taken a back seat on political agendas. Cogeneration is the most efficient and immediately available technology for many applications, yet the delicate economic and regulatory situation (national and European) now requires special attention so that its potential can continue to be exploited with an eye to the fuels of today and tomorrow. Italcogen - the Italian Association of Cogeneration Plant Manufacturers and Distributors, offers an opportunity for institutions and stakeholders to compare and discuss in order to contribute to the achievement of the set goals.

Session Chairs
Marco Golinelli - President Italcogen

Session Coordinator
Marco Manchisi - Italcogen Study Center Coordinator

Chairman and Moderator of the Conference
Antonio Cianciullo - Journalist, Writer, Expert on energy and environmental issues


Introduction and greetings
The potential of cogeneration - Italcogen President

Claudia Canevari* - Head of the Unit Energy Efficiency, DG ENERGY, EU Commission

Marco Pezzaglia - President Cogen Europe

Alessandro Carettoni - Head of Energy Efficiency Division, MITE

Luca Barberis - Director, Energy Efficiency Support Department, GSE

Roundtable coordinated by Italcogen:

Claudia Vivalda - CTNE Director National Technology Cluster Energy
Alessandro Bertoglio - DG Assocarta
Graziano Marcovecchio - VP Assovetro
TBD - Confindustria Ceramica
Vittorio Cossarini - President Assoesco