Performance excellence, reliability and safety. With its ongoing commitment to progress on three fronts, this year at Key Energy, TEON will present the Tina heat pump, one of the cutting-edge solutions available on the Italian and international market.


The development of this product’s thermodynamic configuration”, the management explains, “has further boosted its yield, particularly in the medium-high temperature band. At the same time, the charge of the refrigerant, which remains natural and not F-GAS, has been halved, and we have also developed the remote, thanks to the release of new management and control architecture for the equipment on site”.
The Integrated National Plan for Energy and Climate (“PNIEC”), launched in the spring, outlines the extremely important role of heat pumps in meeting renewable objectives from now to 2030 in the thermal energy sector, in which 86% of the improved contribution comes from these devices.
TEON comments: “The objectives set out in the PNIEC will only be achievable if they are supported by a fresh regulatory framework and if innovation enables these technologies to be used on a greater scale, particularly in dated and not very efficient housing stock”. 

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