“It is the ideal opportunity to present our new products to the photovoltaic market”, says Alberto Pinori, General Manager of Fronius Italia, about Key Energy; “The show brings together the industry leaders”, he adds.

A sector that is not only in excellent health, but which is also set to register strong growth in the next few years, “particularly” says Pinori, “in the area of commercial, industrial and utility-scale plant, but also on the residential scale, which is increasingly geared towards energy efficiency and electricity storage solutions”.
Fronius has two new products ready for the next show: Fronius Primo Gen24 Plus and Fronius Tauro.
The first is a new monophase inverter, which, thanks to its open interface, facilitates communication with a wide variety of domestic technologies: heating systems, home automation and wallbox car charging stations.
Fronius Tauro is designed for large plant. Pinori stresses that “it will be available in sizes from 50 and 100 kW, and thanks to a third MPPT, it will take the configuration flexibility that sets the Symo series apart to a higher level. All while also guaranteeing significant savings on running and maintenance costs for the whole duration of the plant”.

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