“We are still posting double-digit annual growth, and the first few months of 2019 confirm that this year will also be highly satisfactory”.


Daniele Perlini, CEO of Enrev, attributes part of the company’s success to the trend on the electrical efficiency market, “which is growing in importance, because an increasing number of private entrepreneurs and public companies identify electrical efficiency as the new asset in which to invest to improve productivity and do business at the same time”. Attending Key Energy for a third time, Enrev is constantly investing in developing and researching new technologies. “Also this year,”  Perlini explains, “we are working on a new project dedicated to residential users and small companies, which will combine our know-how with the best technological solutions of the last few years”.
Many of the projects and new solutions will be presented at the show. “We consider Key Energy as a fantastic showcase that enables us to present our technology to national and international customers. This event is also an opportunity to get to know the new needs of our current and future customers”.

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