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Returning to the show is KeySolar, the sector dedicated to photovoltaic energy, alongside KeyStorage, the area dedicated to the storage of energy from renewable sources. These sectors explore renewable energy, a market again in ferment.

Technical seminars and conventions taking place within this new section will be an important opportunity to gain an update on the photovoltaic sector and highlight the opportunities and new scenarios that are opening up.

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Read the comments of industry experts

Renewable energies. Ferment in the photovoltaic sector

Alberto Pinori, Chairman of Anie Rinnovabili (association of companies that build components and plant for the production of clean energy) explains: “Renewable energies are experiencing another period of stimulus on the market, due to a variety of factors”.
First of all, “tax cuts have significantly boosted the installation of photovoltaic systems, particularly residential. Further boosting the market, there is “the super depreciation rate for companies operating in the photovoltaic and wind energy sector, while storage systems are also making a huge contribution”.

New momentum for the sector with the revamping

Pinori continues: “Another driving force was the new TRD (Technical Reference Document) issued by the GSE (Italy’s Energy Services Manager) in relation to revamping, i.e. the possibility of making old solar and wind systems more efficient” and highlights the contribution given by Anie Rinnovabili to the National Energy Strategy through “a study on the scenarios from now to 2030 delivered to the Ministry for Economic Development and the GSE” which has helped set the objective of 48.08% of renewable energy.

An objective that helps define a scenario of secure development in the renewables sector.

Companies at Ecomondo and KeyEnergy to develop new opportunities

A sector that strongly feels the need to have its own space at national trade show level: “Ecomondo and KeyEnergy may be this space” says Pinori, “Anie Rinnovabili will certainly be a key player both in the exhibition and convention sections”, offering the best to companies that plan to seize the opportunities that arise in the sector.