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The platform comprising Ecomondo, Key Energy and other parallel events held in November (Cooperambiente, Key Wind, Key Energy White Evolution, H2R, Città Sostenibile and Gli Stati Generali delle Green Economy) have made Rimini theundisputed capital of Italy's Green Economy. Now, starting this year, Rimini will become the point of reference for the whole of the Mediterranean region.
Thanks to its strategic position and historical links, Italy can and must aim to serve as a bridge between Continental Europeand the developing nations that lie around the Mediterranean basinKey Energy and Ecomondo have made substantial investments over the years, leading to constant and continuous actions in support of customers and the creation of a better than ever showcase for their technologies and know-how. Now, the two events have also worked out a foreign promotion plan for the Rimini exhibition platform for the environment and green energy sectors. The plan consists of:

strengthening the network of agents in countries of greatest interest for Italian businesses.

- ensuring continuous promotional and contact-building activities by agents, with the support of head office, towards leading sector associations and local institutions.

- a promotional road show  of 7 stages, starting in May and running until September, visiting Germany, Slovenia, Serbia, Jordan, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

Key Energy and Ecomondo use the 4 days of the Rimini exhibition to present business opportunities in Russia, Brazil, South Africa and Algeria with support from a qualified network of international partners and in close cooperation with embassies, government bodies and private enterprises that assist businesses interested in foreign trade.

At Key Energy 2014, exhibitors will have the opportunity to do as they have done for the past four years, and pre-arrange B2B meetings at their stands with potential new foreign customers in order to present their products to interested parties. Thesemeetings can be booked on-line through the Rimini Fiera platform during the fortnight preceding the exhibition. 

The booking system allows exhibitors to see the profile of all foreign delegates participating in B2B meetings and view theirnames, country, turnover, area of industry, market coverage, year of formation and number of employees

This will allow exhibitors to gain a clear understanding of the delegate's profile in advance of any meeting. Meetings can be arranged for specific days and times so that time spent at the exhibition can be organised in the most effective way. As always, Rimini Fiera will be able to provide an interpreter for delegates who do not speak English.
For the 2014 edition, delegates are expected from Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey. This initiative is intended to introduce the above-mentioned markets to exhibitors, and to offer exhibitors the possibility of meeting key foreign operators.