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The main Italian event for renewable energies, including the new Key Solar and Key Storage shows, will be investigating further into possible intervention lines in the solar power sector and new opportunities on the international markets. Agreement signed with Res4Africa

.Rimini, 12th July 2017 - The future of energy, in Italy and the world, lies in solar power. Underlining the fact is Gianni Silvestrini, President of the Scientific Committee for KEY ENERGY, Italy´s main trade show event for renewable energies (Rimini exhibition Centre, 7-10 November, 2017), within which the new KEY SOLAR and KEY STORAGE events, specifically devoted to solar technologies and renewable energy storage, are scheduled to take place. KEY EFFICIENCY, which centres on technologies, systems and solutions for the intelligent use of resources, and KEY WIND, which, organized with the support of ANEV (Italian Wind Power Association), focuses on wind power, are also not to be forgotten. The event takes place at the same time as ECOMONDO, the leading international window onto Green Economy.

´After years of difficulty,´ explains Silvestrini, ´the solar energy sector can now see interesting prospects on the horizon once again. A horizon that has also been registered by the new National Energy Strategy, which indicates an objective of over 60 TWh by 2030. In order to achieve this target, which is more than 2.5 times the current solar energy production, the level of power installed needs to be progressively increased by up to six to seven times compared to current levels. According to Solar Power Europe, the European Association of solar power companies, Italian installations in the five years from 2017 to 2021, will increase by between 2,300 and 5,500 MW.´

Solar energy, as Silvestrini explains, re-starts in Italy in line with the on-going global rush. In simple terms, four main intervention areas can be taken into consideration:
a) maintenance of the 700,000 existing systems and the revamping of part of them, facilitated by the new GSE regulations. These activities, which, in 2016, achieved a turnover of over one billion Euros, will therefore tend to increase;
b) the segment that regards new systems, increasingly more flanked by storage systems. This field is bound to expand considerably over the next few years due to a drop in module and battery prices and the adoption of new regulations (such as ´net metering on apartment blocks or in neighbourhoods´);
c) the rapid reduction in costs would also make the creation of large ´utility scale´ systems feasible.
This third intervention area, which had disappeared in recent years due to lack of incentives, now sees very interesting prospects beginning to open up. Last week in Germany, solar auctions to the value of 57 €/MWh were awarded. A value which, in Southern Italy´s sunny climate, could reach somewhere near 40 €/MWh, a price competitive with thermo-electricity power production. On the other hand, installations without incentives are already appearing here too, like the five large 63 MW systems inaugurated at Montalto di Castro in April;
d) lastly, interventions abroad, where the Italian presence is already significant. The growing attention in Europe aimed at favouring development conditions south of the Sahara will tend to considerably increase these initiatives.

´It is exactly for this reason,´ the Scientific Committee President concludes, ´that KEY ENERGY has established collaboration relations with the RES4Africa network so that the prospects can be better brought into focus. And, in November, KEY ENERGY will once again be holding a variety of congresses that will be dealing with the above-mentioned types of solar energy intervention in order to better understand the potentialities.´

´When we speak of Africa,´ says Roberto Vigotti, Secretary General of Res4Africa, ´it is important to know about the different and innovative business models (mini-grid, off-grid, urban and sub-urban network development, access to energy, etc.) and the opportunities deriving from technologies. The new business models associated to the development of renewable energy supply chains can contribute to the generation of innumerable trade partnerships along the entire chain. A new global approach model has therefore been proposed in which new technologies guide the processes and favour new groupings between public and private companies, with access to appropriate financing for covering development costs. In this context, just as essential is developing the potentialities and skills of local human resources.´

´After a difficult period,´ says Paolo Rocco Viscontini, President of Italia Solare, ´the sector is at last experiencing a moment of considerable movement due to many factors, principally new positive regulatory provisions and decreases in system prices. Although there is still a lot to do on the regulation side, several operators have started to re-invest and an exhibition like Key Solar certainly represents an important chance for the solar energy community to get together and for the distributed generation of renewable sources.´

The full programme of events is available at the following link:

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